Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A Review of the Toro Z Master Zero Turn 2000 Mower


Compared to others in it's class, such as the John Deere EZtrack Z255 and the Ariens Zoom 50 Zero Turn mowers, the Toro Z Master 2000 is a superior commercial mower in most aspects.  There are three choices to choose from when it comes to deck size (48", 52", 60") and horsepower (20.5 hp, 22 hp, 23.5 hp).  A few things to look for when reviewing any Zero Turn Mower are: Power, Durability, Comfort, Aesthetics, Build Quality, Noise, Safety, and Price.

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A picture of the Toro Z Master Zero Turn Commercial 2000 Mower


With 20.5-23.5 hp, there is no short of power in this beast.  You will never find yourself getting stuck on the bottom of a hill or not finishing a job on time due to a slow cutting speed.


With a zero degree turn radius, there is no where that this machine cannot get to.  Be aware that turning sharp on grass can definitely cause tearing and physical damage to the grass.  Once used to how the machine turns, this is not an issue, but it is still a area for concern for beginners.


Compared to the Toro Groundsmaster, this falls way short on the comfort scale.  After a few consecutive hours riding on this mower, some strain is put on the lower back.  I do not recommend using this mower for hours on end without at least a few walking breaks periodically.


The bright red mower frame and deck definitely catches the eye.  In comparison to the Ariens Zoom 50 Zero Turn Mower, with its not-so-appealing vintage orange frame, the Toro Z Master has no problem getting a "win" in this category.

Build Quality:

For the many months of my using this product, I never came across one broken part, loose screw, or gas/oil leak.  While riding this mower, you can feel the compactness and quality that this was built with.  Some maintenance is required though, as with any commercial equipment, such as greasing the major components weekly, sharpening the blades every few days, and cleaning off the belts and deck after every use.


Resting on idle, there is no concern for noise.  When turning up the throttle and with the blades turned on, hearing protection is needed if you are planning on mowing for multiple hours.  It can definitely be a nuisance to others as well.  So be aware of any noise ordinances that may be in your area, and make sure to follow them because the noise from this Toro mower is quite loud.


Safety is always a huge concern when it comes to commercial mowing, and can be a problem with this machine.  Beware of running any objects over that are not meant to be run over, because this mower will project objects directly sideways at unearthly speeds, endangering anything in its path.  However, for the rider of the Z Master, safety is one of the machine's high points.  It comes with a seat belt and most importantly, a safety bar which rises high into the air, made of steel, which protects the rider from being squashed in the event of flipping the mower over.


The Toro Z Master is about equal with its competitors when it comes to price.  Prices range from $7000 to $8000 depending on the size of the engine and deck size.  But for the quality of this product, it definitely surpasses its sticker price.

Overall, the Toro Z Master Zero Turn Mower is a fine piece of machinery and would be my first choice for maneuvering around trees and other obstacles while mowing.  The Build Quality is the best aspect of this mower, as long as you are willing to perform simple maintenance tasks.  The comfort could be improved as well as the noise of the engine and the safety for others who are next to the Z Master.  But in my opinion, the pros far outweigh the cons, so look no further when looking for a compact, Zero Turn, mower.


  1. Your review was excellent on the mower, very informative and detailed. I would use this as a tool when comparing mowers, your personal experience and insight would come in very helpful. How does the price compare with other mowers of the same class?

    1. The price of the Toro Z Master is about equal to the other Zero Turn competitors in its field. $7,000 to $8,000 is the average price for these mowers, but for the quality that you get with the Z Master, you definitely can't go wrong.

  2. This is a great tool for comparison. They style that it is written in makes it a easy read and a nice reference. After reading I felt like I had experienced this mower in person.

  3. I really like the style you wrote this article in. The bolded headlines added some nice contrast. It sounds like you have used this mower alot and are quite experienced with it. Have you operated many other mowers or was this the only one?

    1. I have operated a few other mowers that are in the Zero Turn mower class, but this one far outperformed all others, so I would definitely prefer to use the Toro Z Master if I had the choice.

  4. This is an amazing review about the Toro Z Master Zero Turn Commercial 2000 Mower, and you list all the data about this, it is easier to figure out what I want from this blog. So based on this blog, did your compare the similar productions with this one before.

  5. I personally love this style this blog is written. That is because it makes it really easy for the readers to understand what is the blog and all the main points are listed in bullets. When comparing with the other competitive movers in the market, what are the features that keep the Toro Master Zero mover ahead?

    1. The build quality is, to me, the characteristic that sets this mower apart from the others. The Aesthetics of the mower compared to its competitors also don't hurt.

  6. nice picture, I have 2 Toros that are not zero turns but they do have 6 ft. decks "it help cut down the mowing time to about 5hr" ha. I like how you have all the spec stand out and in an orderly fashion, wow they're expansive!